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Grammy-nominated boy group BTS has dominated the international music scene this year, so it’s no wonder that we’re getting a lot of requests to cover their style! The septet is known worldwide for their catchy songs, dance moves and impeccable style. Each member has a unique personal style ranging from Jungkook’s dark e-boy look to J-Hope’s vibrant street style.

Since Style Files’ first blog post in 2018, BTS’s V has been the idol most frequently requested by readers to be covered in this column. V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, stands out even amongst his peers with his preppy and retro style. His eye for small unique details, bold prints and daring styles has earned him a spot on the list of most fashionable K-pop stars.

BTS Taehyung Main Illustration

Clean and Cool

For the look’s first layer, I went for a turtleneck in V’s favorite cool gray…

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