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Love my mornings & early cuddles with Ollie!

He loves to look out the window and watch the cars go by. When big trucks go by he makes a grunting noise it’s so funny.

His cute sleep sack is on sale right now. They also have girl prints too 🥰

I love the mornings with Ollie. He’s extra cuddly when he first wakes up. He’s such a busier baby than Beckam was so I love the morning cuddles while he’s still waking up, especially while he drinks his bottle. We are supposed to start weaning him off the bottle and I’m not excited about it 😂 he never took a pacifier but he likes to suck on his empty bottle like a pacifier so I’m kinda nervous to cut it out. 🙈 

Honest Baby is one of my favorite baby brands. We have used them since Beckam was a baby and now again with Ollie. They launched a new shop, Honest Baby Clothing – a full baby clothing line this year…

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