Best Midi Dresses From Old Navy


Have you ever dashed from your door in a tiny mini dress in winter? (If not, we’re proud of you . . . but we can’t say the same.) What about sweating in a heavy maxi dress on a sweltering summer day? Sure, you can pop on a pair of tights when it’s cold and knot up the maxi when it’s hot . . . or you can opt for the just-right length right in between the two: A midi dress.

Not only does this style let you show off your favorite tall boots, there’s enough coverage that your legs won’t get too chilly or too warm either. And, Old Navy just so happens to have plenty of dresses in this length, many of them on sale right now.

These options are comfortable enough to wear for long hours lounging or working, but still look put together for Zoom meetings and date nights at home. We’re already scheming about how we can dress these dresses up and down for our plans in or out, but see for yourself…

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