Details About Netflix’s The Prom Costumes


Netflix’s The Prom, released Dec. 11, not only brings us a star-studded cast that includes Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington, Andrew Rannells, James Corden, and Hollywood newcomers Jo Ellen Pellman and Hamilton‘s Ariana Debose but also a sought-after storyline from the Broadway show of its same name. Ryan Murphy is behind this film adaptation, so we expected all of the high-fashion glitter met with the refreshing realness of witty banter — that’s what Murphy is known for. He worked with his longtime collaborator costume designer Lou Eyrich on the wardrobe design. (Eyrich also outfitted the characters for Murphy’s Pose, American Horror Story, and Glee, just to name a few of their well-known projects.)

We chatted with Eyrich about what it was like to work with the incredible cast and crew and coordinate their looks since, as you’ll notice right off the bat, there are…

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