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Losing long, luscious locks is the bane of every girl’s existence. Low-key panic from losing a few strands after a single wash and brush-through becomes not so low-key when more and more strands fall out! Let’s get to the root of the issue: Is colder weather the culprit?

In short, yes. It’s normal to shed more hair in the colder months. In fall and winter, your hair resets and starts shedding a lot more than during the summer months when it retained moisture and volume. Cold temperatures cause the scalp to become dry, which in turn makes it itchy, flaky and fragile. Another big factor is skin condition. Those with sensitive skin, combination skin or eczema react more strongly to cool temperatures, so you should check if your hair products are right for your scalp.

Let's Get Real - Is it Normal to Shed Hair in the Colder Months?

Here are a few approaches to remedying hair loss:

1. Use less…

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