Diarrablu Fashion Collections Inspired by Math and Africa


Diarra Bousso isn’t your average designer. She’s a mathematician, an artisan, and a former Wall Street trader, and all of those experiences have led to the creation of her lifestyle brand Diarrablu. Her designs celebrate her rich culture with every pattern and piece telling a story.

“I grew up in Senegal, and I wanted to be the perfect student. . . . I was never a cool girl or an ‘It girl,’ I was a nerd,” Diarra Bousso told POPSUGAR. Bousso is from a family of artisans, explaining that “In the summers, when I would go to my dad’s village, I’d see that work, and it’s so rich and beautiful.” Splitting her time between visiting her dad’s village and attending private French school in the city, Bousso explained she wasn’t sure how to connect her two worlds. “I always knew that I was going to do something at the intersection of those two worlds, but I didn’t know how to do it.”


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