Good American Shoes?! Yup! Good American Launches Shoes UP to a Size 14 AND in Extended Widths!


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When it comes to fashion being inclusive one of the areas that is often left out (next to plus size options) are shoes! You know, the fun options above a size ten AND in extended widths! Well, Good American Shoes takes an ambitious leap with their new shoe collection, and listen it is cuuuute.

Yes, we may be staying safe at home, but nothing is wrong with getting your closet ready for when outside opens, right? This Good American Shoe Collection is one to check out, especially since the shoes will go up through a size 14 AND in extended widths!

“You ever Google what size 14 shoes look like? Cover your eyes,”

Emma Grede jokes with

We MUST share, extended (not a true wide) width shoes are definitely different from wide calf boots, so do keep this in mind while shopping the collection!

While most plus size brands do wide width AND wide calf measurements, if…

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