Best Cozy Sweaters From Gap and Banana Republic | Review


I’m no Marie Kondo. I definitely love to shop and try new trends, and a minimal closet is never going to be me. However, I do have a strong appreciation for old favorites that are wardrobe staples I go back to year after year. One of those is this red Gap sweater that my mom got for me when I was in my late teens (I’m in my 30s now). At 50-percent wool, I always found it to be the perfect weight and composition. It’s a chunky knit yarn with the perfect roll-neck collar. Best of all, it’s kept its shape and color over the years. That’s almost 20 years! We’ve machine washed it cold, but honestly, many a knitwear have gone to fluffy misshapen graves in our house due to the washer-dryer, so this sweater’s like-new resilience is nothing short of magic!

But that’s what we love about classic brands like Gap and Banana Republic, right? The affordable quality! You can have a pair of Gap…

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