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Last week we looked at 2020’s biggest fashion trends in K-pop, from clean and crisp all-white ensembles to retro disco fashion. This time, we look at seven of the most popular hair and makeup trends that appeared in K-pop music videos and promotions this year.  

The Narcissa Malfoy

1 The Narcissa Malfoy Refund Sisters’ Lee Hyori in Don’t Touch Me, LOONA’s Heejin in Midnight, BlackPink’s Lisa in Lovesick Girls

Left to right: Refund Sisters’ Lee Hyori in Don’t Touch Me, LOONA’s Heejin in Midnight, BlackPink’s Lisa in Lovesick Girls

During the early months of the pandemic, many people cut and partially dyed their own hair, documenting it all on TikTok. This partially bleached look is reminiscent of none other than Narcissa Malfoy from the Harry Potter film series. Although the beloved franchise ended almost a decade ago, it seems Potterheads are still alive and well! 

The partially bleached look is the statement hair of the year. In K-pop MVs, we’ve seen…

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