The Homecoat Is a Stylish, Cozy Robe to Wear at Home


I live in an old house that wasn’t built with a heater. Therefore, in the winter months, it feels twice as cold inside as it does outside. Prior to this year, that didn’t bother me because I spent most of my time at work, running errands, or socializing with friends. But due to sheltering in place, I’ve been painfully aware of how cold it is in my house. As somehow who writes about fashion and beauty for a living, the majority of my day is spent behind a computer screen working, and at times it gets stressful juggling multiple deadlines. Cold and stress don’t make a good combo. Enter, my OffHours homecoat.

OffHours was founded on the idea that comfort is a priority and the ultimate luxury. The brand understands the importance of being active and the reverse: rest and self-care. The OffHours homecoat is made to make you feel good and embrace your ideal out-of-office self. The…

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