Katie Holmes Outfits From Banana Republic


There’s something about Katie! Katie Holmes is possibly one of the most underrated style stars in recent years, looking effortlessly cool every time she steps out. There was that time when the internet was abuzz about how she heated up cardigan dressing, and then there’s her ’90s nostalgia looks, which are never costume-y. Not since SJP have we seen such easy downtown cool-mom vibes. There’s something about her look that’s so timeless and girl-next-door-turned-woman that we can’t help but thinking of Joey Potter all grown up into the confident woman we always knew she would be! Remember, we did see her living in New York in the series finale!

The laid-back vibes of Katie Holmes’s style make it even more relatable in times like these. We see her wearing Gap sweatshirts, and her sweater game is impeccable! Using Holmes as inspiration, we’ve rounded up some great looks from Banana…

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