What Is Sustainable Fashion? Here’s How to Shop Responsibly


I used to think I was a conscious shopper. I wouldn’t allow myself to buy new clothing unless I donated old pieces in my closet. I would donate clothing, shoes, and jewelry to Goodwill or various other charity organizations, priding myself in not disposing to landfills. And I tried to shop each season versus shopping when there were sales or a hot trend to capitalize on. Although these are all good tactics to becoming a more ethical shopper, it wasn’t until the pandemic slowed down my calendar and need to travel that I took sustainability more seriously.

While sheltering-in-place, I’ve spent time cleaning out my closet and have been shocked at how much I’ve consumed, underutilized, and thrown away without so much of a thought. In efforts to do better and offset my carbon imprint, I began researching sustainable brands and practices. With so many brands claiming to be sustainable,…

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