Jenna Lyons on Her New TV Show, Stylish With Jenna Lyons


You know Jenna Lyons as the former president of J.Crew who became known as the “woman who dresses America” thanks to her recognizable sense of style. Lyons doesn’t just mix high and low pieces, she proves that fancy has its place next to casual and/or funky, if you want it to. Her outfits have always inspired us to reimagine our closet, selecting clothes we haven’t visited in years because they might look really great with some fresh denim and a pair of heels. Lyons has an air of effortlessness about her that became synonymous with the J.Crew brand — her look embodies the phrase sophisticated cool, or, perhaps in J.Crew terms, relaxed prep. While Jenna left J.Crew in April 2017, she’s fine-tuning her own business and doing it in the public eye with the release of HBO Max’s Stylish With Jenna Lyons, a documentary-slash-reality competition.

“My biggest hope is to peel away the…

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