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The wonderful world of K-pop is always filled to the brim with the most fantastical music videos. In those videos, the upbeat tempos of the songs and dance moves are highlighted with equally striking outfits.

While I ponder and write over my favorite K-pop idol’s personal style over at Style Files, this time around, I’ve compiled a shortlist of the five biggest fashion trends that have graced MVs this year. From girl groups, boy groups to solos, I’ve compiled them all along with pieces to cop!

Utilitarian: Thanks, It Has Pockets

1 Utilitarian Banner - Moon Byul Baekhyun Hyolyn illustration final

Left to right:  Mamamoo’s Moonbyul in Eclipse MV, SuperM’s Baekhyun in the 100 MV, Hyolyn in SAY MY NAME MV

Many say fashion and functionality don’t go hand in hand. Utilitarian style scoffs at that notion. Inspired by the ultra-functionality of military wear and menswear, this trend has surged on the…

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