Take a Look at 24 of Rihanna’s Most Stylish Coat Moments


In case you weren’t aware, Rihanna owns a multitude of showstopping coats. After seeing her in the fuzzy teddy coat of my dreams, I decided to investigate and take a look back at the other styles the singer has worn over the years. Much to my delight, there’s a plethora of unique coats that Rihanna has worn, each one cooler than the last. I’m not just talking about a simple trench coat, which she has pulled off perfectly plenty of times, but ones that would make you do a double take if you saw them on the street.

It seems like Rihanna has a collection of unique coats ranging from an Opening Ceremony style that features a graffiti design on it to a slinky Burberry coat that features the brand’s iconic plaid design. One style she’s a particular fan of is fuzzy coats, and she’s stepped out in everything from a Cookie Monster blue one to a cozy white one, which she paired with Nikes….

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