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I used to shy away from cleansing oils due to my misconception that they make skin oilier, so micellar water or makeup wipes were my go-to makeup removers. All of that changed the day I finally introduced a cleansing oil into my skin care routine!

Similar to cleansing balms, cleansing oils help dissolve makeup, sunscreen and excess sebum. Whether you have normal, dry, combination or oily skin, cleansing oils are perfect for removing  skin’s impurities without disrupting its moisture barrier.

The main difference between cleansing balms and oils is the texture. The latter tend to have richer formulas, but they emulsify more easily than cleansing balms. Plus, you can  indulge in a relaxing massage when using cleansing oils.

Get ready to add some of these to your wish list:


Fresh Moment Cleansing Oil

The Fresh Moment Cleansing Oil from…

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