Bidding Adieu to Classic Blue 2020 with daymellow’s BlueMarine Restorative Wash-Off Pack and Cloud Cream – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog


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Although I’m typically a practical person when it comes to skin care, only purchasing products I need and will use repeatedly, there are still times when it’s difficult to resist pretty packaging. This is where daymellow comes in. My fellow editor Dianne tried out the brand’s soothing gels a while back and raved about the packaging and formulas, which feature luxe ingredients like gold and silver flakes as well as diamond powder. Seeing as we’re bidding our Classic Blue year adieu, now is a great time to try two ultra-aesthetic products from daymellow’s bestselling BlueMarine collection: the Restorative Wash-Off Pack and Cloud Cream!

Both products are formulated with the unique ingredient Bluemarine Complex, which is composed of deep ocean water from Korea’s Ulleung Island, aqua ceramide and guaiazulene, to deliver moisture, minerals…

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