Madewell Launches Outerwear Collection With Buffy Comforters


In pandemic-era fashion, it was only a matter of time before someone gave us bedding-inspired clothing (remember that pillow challenge?!). Putting together the comfort we’ve been living with at home with the practicality of real winter outerwear, Madewell’s mind-meld with “fluffier than a marshmallow” Buffy comforters is, in a word, genius. Turns out when Madewell’s head of design, Joyce Lee, began some outfit experimentation, turning her comforter into a coat, she was onto something. Her early inclination evolved into a stylish outerwear collaboration that puts Buffy’s sustainable and cloud-like comforter designs front and center. Featuring a jacket, muffler, mittens, and eye mask, each in three cool colorways, Madewell put its wearable spin on one of the most innovative winter collections of the year.

We went straight to the source to get Joyce’s take on designing the…

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