Best Winter Clothes From Banana Republic | Editor Review


When it comes to getting dressed every day, 2020 has taught me some valuable fashion lessons. The biggest thing I learned is that I owned too much stuff. I often bought things out of excitement, but wasn’t actually thinking about how to wear them. Over the past few months, I’ve cleaned out my closet more times than I can count and made a commitment to try to only own staples I can mix and match.

That said, it hasn’t stopped me from wanting to treat myself to a new thing or two every once in awhile. My vetting process is a lot more thorough now, as I want to make sure I only invest in pieces I can wear more than one way. I set my shopping sites on Banana Republic, because the site’s classic picks are ones I know I’ll own for years to come.

I could spend hours filling up my virtual shopping cart with my top picks, but after narrowing in on what I’ll definitely wear this winter, I…

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