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I can’t remember the number of times acne patches have saved me from sudden blemishes, and now I can’t live without them. I always make sure I’m fully stocked up with acne patches, and never forget to bring a sheet for sleepovers. ACROPASS takes this holy grail for acne-prone skin to the next level with its patented microneedle technology. Eager to learn how a microneedle patch would work, I tried the brand’s Trouble Cure Set for acne, its Soothing Q Set for insect bites, and the Line Care Set that targets wrinkles.

What is microneedling?

The word “needle” may trigger thoughts of pain or acupuncture, but microneedling has nothing to do with those concepts. Known as Microcons, the microneedles used by ACROPASS are made from soluble substances and are just 1/4 the width of human hair, meaning they won’t inflict any pain or injuries to…

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