How TV Style Influences the Way We Dress


If you haven’t been studying Instagram fashion trends these past few months, chances are you’ve been inspired by the outfits worn by a specific character on a TV series. For me, it’s Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit, and before that, my fixation was on Rob in High Fidelity. Always a fan of incorporating ’60s elements into my look, I fell in love with Harmon’s Edie Sedgwick-esque head scarves and Audrey Hepburn capri pants the moment I saw them on actress Anya Taylor-Joy. And ZoĆ« Kravitz is a no-brainer style icon for me, so it was nice to see her tough ’90s edge come through for her latest onscreen role, too.

These are aesthetics I’ve always identified with and considered in my realm of personal style, regardless of the ever-evolving trend cycle. So when I found TV shows to watch with strong leads that basically mirrored my very own fashion dreams, it felt like home. After all, I…

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