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Trying to keep your lips moisturized throughout the cooler season can be challenging, especially if you already have dry lips to begin with. The combination of cold temperatures and dry air can cause flaky or chapped lips.

Don’t worry! All you need is a good lip care routine to keep your pucker soft all winter long. Follow these tips on how to protect your lips from the cold: 

Avoid biting off dry skin from lips

It can be tempting, but biting or peeling off dry skin from lips will only make things worse! It seems harmless at first, but you may end up picking off too much skin. This can cause lips to become even more chapped.

Instead, exfoliate lips with a gentle scrub to get rid of dry skin or dead skin cells. The Saem’s Honey Oatmeal Lip Scrub contains a blend of honey, oatmeal, sugar, apricot seed and walnut shell powder to thoroughly…

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