How to Stay True to Your Personal Style Post-Lockdown


The shoes sitting pretty at the top of my closet have started collecting dust. So really, I guess they’re not sitting so pretty anymore. One by one, I have actually heard them shimmy loose from the spots I positioned them in on the shoe rack five months ago, falling with a thud to the floor. But I don’t do anything about it — I’m kind of enjoying being lazy right now, and I don’t have any use for my neon kitten heels or white leather boots.

But that also sounds pretty sad, especially since styling outfits is so much a part of who I am. Even if I’ve experienced momentary bursts of fashion enthusiasm throughout lockdown, they were short-lived. I styled a beach outfit to go sit on the sand and meditate for awhile, social distancing from everyone around me. I styled outfits for work photo shoots, even putting on a little bit of makeup, just to take it all off after I snapped some…

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