Nuuly’s Guest Edit By Model Maxey Greene Has You Covered!


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You know that feeling when you spot the perfect jacket for fall or that dress you’ve been coveting, but it is just not in your budget at the moment?

How about being a soon-to-be mom and suddenly needing to buy a new wardrobe every month to accommodate your upcoming bundle of joy??  This is where clothing rental and plus size subscription services like Nuuly come in.

Cool right??

Even cooler, plus size model and fashion queen, Maxey Greene is partnering with Nuuly and curated 100 of her favorite fall pieces!

It’s wonderful to see a pregnant and plus size woman featured prominently in a campaign like this! Maxey Greene is rocking her bump and glowing while doing it!


Unfamiliar With Nuuly and how clothing rental works? 

With Nuuly, you can pick 6 items from over 150 different brands every month for $88. You keep the items for the month, return them all, or keep any…

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