Kamala Harris Sneaker Shopping Complex Video


She is the queen of Converse, rocks Timberland boots like a boss, and truly understands that every good outfit can be tied together with a fresh pair of white sneakers. Yep, we’re talking about Sen. Kamala Harris and her excellent choices in footwear. The vice presidential nominee was the latest guest on Complex‘s Sneaker Shopping, and if you thought sneaker culture and politics have no place in the same sentence, prepare to stand corrected.

When it comes to her adoration for the classic Converse kicks, Kamala said they “are a statement about who we really are. I think it just has to do with the fact that we all want to go back to some basic stuff about who we are as a country.”

Despite not being allowed to wear sneakers on the Senate floor, Kamala has taken more than a few opportunities to flex her style while on the campaign trail alongside Joe Biden. “It’s not about loosening up,…

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