The Sims Are Now Wearing Gucci’s Off the Grid Collection


We are still sitting here clapping since the announcement of Gucci’s first fully sustainable collection since the creation of Equilibrium, a strategy for reducing the brand’s environmental impact. The Off the Grid line was made from recycled and organic materials, and came accompanied by a campaign that starred Lil Nas X and Jane Fonda in a treehouse, as you may recall. Now, Gucci has partnered with content creators for The Sims, Grimcookies and Harrie, to bring Gucci’s sustainability efforts to the virtual world. Yep, seriously. Sims 4 now includes pieces from Gucci’s collection, which can be downloaded by players in the game. Well, what the heck — sign me back up!

Harrie even worked to re-create the very treehouse that Gucci’s campaign stars modeled in, incorporating sustainable elements like upcycled wood, wind turbines, green roofing, and recycled furniture into the design,…

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