Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Bralette Review | 2020


I’ve spent the past eight months getting very comfortable being comfortable in my apartment. I passed on 2020’s photo-worthy matching sweatsuits, confidently insisting my new daily uniform of flowy nap dresses would always be more cozy (and chic) than bunched-up sweatpants. But, when friends bragged about not wearing a “real bra” for months, my heart filled with longing for a bralette of my own because, seriously, no one likes poky wires.

In the past, I’d never allow myself more than a passing glance at little lacy undergarments with triangles that wouldn’t cover a soda-can top and straps the width of a straw. I already struggle to find pretty, everyday lingerie or secure sports bras that fit my large-cup/small-band size since I’m bigger than the Ds (and DDs) at the top of most ranges. Not only did something without a hook-and-eye closure feel out of the question, traditional small,…

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