15 Cute Sweatpants Brands to Shop in 2020, Ranked By Style


We’ve been fans of sweatpants for a long time (who hasn’t?), but we have to admit, we became even more excited to explore new loungewear labels during the past months of lockdown and social distancing. Even though we basically live in our joggers while working from home, we’ve been reconsidering our sweatpants style in new ways. We thoughtfully accessorize them with kitschy slogan socks or think strategically about how we might go monochrome with our look, adding an extra pop of color with a waistbag, face mask, or spiffy trainer.

A lot of the brands we’ve been shopping for these sweat-ssentials, as we’ll call them, deserve the spotlight for incredible attention to detail — Cotton Citizen offers pairs with long belts and cargo-like pockets! — and sustainable production methods. We’ve narrowed it down to 15 shopping destinations for sweats we think you’ll love, categorized by…

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