We Chat With ‘In Sudden Darkness’ Creator, Tayler Montague!


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One of our favorite things is when actresses we love take a break from the big screen and step into something more intimate. Recently, we saw one of our favorite leading ladies, Raven Goodwin, in In Sudden Darkness.

Goodwin stars as Erica Moore, an NYC-based mother of two, and a partner who simply finds ways for her and her family to survive the infamous 2003 blackout that spanned across the northeast. We got the chance to chat with the film’s writer and director, Tayler Montague, on her directorial debut!

'In Sudden Darkness' by Tayler Montague
In Sudden Darkness Poster

Montague is a 23-year-old native New Yorker who is a history buff, and a certified “around the way filet.” (We’ll get to that later on *wink*)

Her love of film stemmed from movies like Sparkle (1976), The Last Dragon (1985), Dreamgirls (2006), Crooklyn (1994) and Dead Presidents (1995), which stay on repeat for her.

She reflected,…

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