Your First Look at the TORRID Meets Betsey Johnson Collab!


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Yes, you read this right! A TORRID Meets Betsey Johnson Collection! Over the past years, the Betsey Johnson line has dabbled in a few plus sizes, but this news is just a bit more exciting! If you have been looking to get your hands on a few pieces from Betsey Johnson, in YOUR size, up through a size 30, then you are in luck.

News JUST DROPPED, that Betsey Johnson is going into the archives, to fashion a few fun pieces, JUST for plus. The TORRID Meets Betsey Johnson Collection revives her 1988 and ’89 runway pieces for an exclusive collection.

Torrid Meets Betsey Johnson Collection- Sketch

Kind of cool, right? And listen… Torrid is a beast when it comes to their licensed plus size collaborations. They have the Marvel & Disney game on lock! 

Inside the TORRID Meets Betsey Johnson Collection

There is a personal spin to this collaboration, too! TORRID’s CEO’s, Liz Muñoz has long been a fan of Betsey Johnson,…

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