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Signs & Attires

Halloween is coming up, and this year it coincides with a special phenomenon – a super rare blue moon! A full moon on Halloween only occurs around every 19 years. Our mind and body may react in unexpected ways under the influence of a full moon. Check out this month’s horoscopes on what to expect from this unique astrological event plus ideas to infuse a bit of fun or self-pampering into Halloween.

Under the influence of the blue moon, Librans are going to feel pretty sociable this spooky season, making them keener to connect with friends and family. Gathering with their dearests sounds like the perfect plan! If social distancing is an issue, host a virtual party instead, which is also a great way to prevent Librans from burning out from physically hosting or organizing events.

What you’ll need: It’s all about aesthetics with Librans….

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