4 Plus-Size Thigh-High Boots to Add To Your Fall Collection


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Have you been shopping and adding the latest fashion finds to your fall wardrobe? Well, how about a few plus-size thigh-high boots from Nadia Aboulhson at Fashion to Figure?! Yup! This duo is back for another boot collaboration!

Now, we’ve shared a few fancy wide calf boot options, recently, but this is sliiiightly different. While we have been pining for more fancy wide calf boots and the loss of Simply Be and their boot options in the US, Fashion to Figure is coming for their spot!

4 Plus-Size Thigh-High Boots by Nadia Aboulhson at Fashion to Figure

With the Nadia x FTF boot collab, they bring the bod, playful, and edgy plus-size thigh-high boots that has been missing from our shoes wardrobe.

We can never have too many, right?

“I challenged myself to perfect the plus-size thigh-high boot silhouette,” said Nadia Aboulhosn. “We used luxe colors, prints and textures with an adjustable lace-up and literally the most perfect heel…

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