You Can Buy Princess Diana’s Black Sheep Sweatshirt


Listen up, Princess Diana’s iconic black sheep sweater is being re-released. Rowing Blazers’ released its Fall/Winter collection and there are two special nods to the royal. The brand is releasing the red sheep-printed red sweater with the original designers behind the look, Joanna Osborne and Sally Muir of Warm & Wonderful. Princess Diana wore the sweater in 1979 and many speculated that the lone black sheep on the front signified Princess Di felt like an outsider in the royal family.

The brand also teamed up with Gyles & George, who created another one of Princess Di’s iconic sweaters: the soft pink “I’m a Luxury . . .” sweater. The royal famously wore the sweater while pushing her sons, Prince Harry and William on a swing. The sweater is available for the first time since the ’90s and is being produced as an official, exclusive collaboration between Gyles & George and Rowing…

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