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OH MY GIRL is a seven-member girl group that debuted in 2015. Over the years, they have solidified their cutesy image with upbeat bops like Cupid, Liar Liar and their latest Nonstop. YooA is the main dancer, lead vocalist and visual of the group. She recently debuted as a soloist in early September with the mini-album Bon Voyage.

YooA is known for her large doe eyes and pouty lips, which perfectly complemented her faerie-like debut music video filled with Tinker Bell and boho aesthetics. The idol’s off-stage attire is a little simpler, leaning more towards a balance of athleisure and feminine styles. Since her palette is usually a wash of whites and pastel blues with the occasional darker shade, I decided to bring in a more colorful palette that Miracles (OH MY GIRL’s fans) would instantly recognize: the group’s official colors!

Oh My Girl's YooA Vector Illustration


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