What Is Your Style by Zodiac Sign?


If you don’t already have an arsenal of people you love to follow for outfit inspiration up your sleeve, we did the extra leg work. Thats right; we’re connecting you with a street style star you’re sure to glean #OOTD tips from — all based on your zodiac sign. Your horoscope can actually give you a pretty detailed look into your taste preferences, and that’s not just limited to food or films.

If you’re a Cancer, you likely gravitate toward classic pieces and you certainly have your power colors. Meanwhile, a Taurus will always find themselves reaching for clothes that are comfortable — either because they’re by a brand they’ve worn before or they just prefer function. (Who needs heels?) The Pisces is known for a bohemian aesthetic, so you can expect plenty of free-flowing maxi dresses in their closet.

Guess what? There’s more where that came from. When you scroll, you’ll be…

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