Best Baggy Jeans For Women

Best Baggy Jeans For Women

The lack of structure that comes with working from home can be posed as a double edged sword. On one hand, we have more time to incorporate self-care and personal endeavors to break up the work day. But on the other hand, not having to dress up for work has made me not want to wear real clothes in general. Like many, for months now, I’ve been living in yoga pants, sweatpants and shorts. On days where I consume too much content reading about unemployment levels, COVID-19 rises, and police brutality, I’d love for my outfits to be a source of positivity and beauty, instead of an addition to these detrimental times.

With that in mind, I shopped my closet searching for an outfit that made me look and feel good, without compromising on comfort. I discovered that slouchy denim, in any form — jeans, jumpsuits, or shorts — were the quarantine uniform I didn’t even know I needed. The…

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