5 Inexpensive Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth

5 Inexpensive Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth


No matter how great your skin looks, or how much makeup you have on, a smile is the real display of beauty. And all these dental treatments and teeth whitening appointments are going to do nothing but burn a giant hole in your pocket. So if you aren’t willing to spend that kind of money, does it mean you are stuck with the yellowness? Not at all.

Here are some inexpensive home remedies to maintain the pearly whites, and all the ingredients you need are already in your kitchen.

Let’s look at some home remedies to whiten teeth at home

1. Orange peel

We know that this citric food has a lot of health benefits. But did you know it works as a great teeth whitener too? Enjoy a juicy orange, but don’t throw away the peel just yet. Rub some of it on your teeth every night before going to bed for a couple of weeks. The vitamin C and the calcium from the fruit peel work on the…

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