How The Parkers Reclaimed The “Sassy, Fat, Black Sidekick” Narrative


While many Black girls related to Moesha, I always felt more connected to her best friend, Kimberly Ann Parker. I watched Moesha loosely in my younger days (mostly for Quinton ‘Q’ Brooks), but it was Kim who really did it for me.

Kim was witty AND had great style. Aside from being Moesha, Hakeem, and Niecy’s punching bag most of the time, Kim did an amazing job at holding her own, embracing her curves, and having confidence her friends envied.

So, when the Parkers were introduced on Moesha (Season 4, Episode 18) and the crew graduated high school during the Season 4 finale, it was evident how much of a key component Kim Parker was on the show— in spite of it running for two more seasons.  

The Parkers on Netflix
The Parkers‘ Countess Vaughn and Mo’Nique CBS via Getty Images

Nikki and Kim Parker were more than just a mother-daughter duo in college. They weren’t just comedic relief in the…

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