Plant-Based Vegan Leather Alternatives For Clothes


Image Courtesy: Desserto

If you like the look of leather but also want a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry, you haven’t really had many options. While real leather obviously doesn’t fit with an ethical lifestyle, many vegetarian and vegan leather alternatives are made from plastic, adding to the already vast amount of waste filling our oceans. But while innovation has been slow, there are more sustainable options being developed around the world and becoming available to consumers. The one thing these new leather alternatives have in common? They’re all being created from plants.

Pleather is a portmanteau for “plastic leather,” whereas vegan or vegetarian leather suggests that the fabric is more sustainably and ethically made — but that’s not always the case. Eco-conscious luxury brand Stella McCartney, for example, uses vegetarian leather and “alter-nappa” instead of…

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