See Serena Williams’s Sneaker Collection


I don’t think that it’ll come as a shock to anyone that Serena Williams has a pretty extensive collection of sneakers. After all, we’ve been talking about her legendary on-court fashion just as much as her incredible tennis career. While Serena may be an outfit risk-taker on and off the court, one thing you can always count on is for her sneakers to be just as bold.

Since Serena has a partnership with Nike, a majority of the kicks you’ll see her wear are from the famous footwear brand. The thing that is so awesome about her sneaker rotation is that she constantly comes up with custom styles for major matches and events. (She even made a pair of custom Swarovski Nikes for her wedding reception.)

In a total sneakerhead move, the tennis champion wore a pair of neon yellow Nike x Off-White sneakers underneath her Versace gown at the 2019 Met Gala; and one of our favorite looks has to be…

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