How to Decorate Denim Jeans With DIY Foam Stamp

How to Decorate Denim Jeans With DIY Foam Stamp

TikTok is one of the most creative platforms right now, with a constant flow of videos that show you how to do everything from cooking air fryer bagels, to the easiest way to add volume to your hair, and the best home organization tips. You really do get a mix of everything. Scrolling through the app, you’re constantly presented with ideas for how to make your life easier, and how to reuse things you already have, making them even more beautiful. Case in point: this incredible DIY foam stamp hack to give new life to your old jeans. If you’re ready to get a bit crafty and create a pair of one-of-a-kind jeans, here’s everything you need to know to do it yourself.

For this DIY, you first need a pair of jeans, like old ones you no longer use, or even a pair that you got at a thrift shop like the creator of this hack, TikTok user, @heethbeeth. Next, print out the design you want to…

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