This Creator Shares Why and How to Support Gig Workers in CA


Disclosure: This post is part of a paid sponsorship with Yes on 22.

Can we get a little personal and real for a minute? I’m a millennial living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yes, I’ve earned extra income from the various app services. I’ve been there… but it was always an awkward fit for me.  This is exactly why I wanted to work with the Yes on Prop 22 campaign!

My name is Brianna McDonnell and I’m a Los Angeles based freelancer. I have held many jobs in the last ten years. I moved to Los Angeles ten years ago to pursue my dream of being an actor.

This quickly took a left turn into starting my blog, The B Word. And now? I now work as a social media strategist and creative director, while pursuing acting and running The B Word.

The B Word Blog on Prop 22
The B Word Blog shot by @mattstatsnaps

Along the way I’ve also worked retail, sold clothing online, been a nanny, a content…

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