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A longtime fan of the variety TV show Running Man since its conception in 2010, I was heartbroken when member Kang Gary left the show a couple of years back. I was delighted to see him return to the spotlight in the reality show The Return of Superman earlier this year with his son Haoh!

Gary has always had a laid-back yet discernable style that took a more fun and colorful turn once he became a father. In The Return of Superman, the father-son duo can be seen in matching vibrant street-style pieces. There was a time when color-coordinating and matching your whole outfit with someone was considered a major faux pas in fashion. Now, it’s a major fashion trend and Gary and Haoh’s outfits are a prime example of how adorable and stylish it can be!

Kang Gary & Haoh Vector Illustration

Printed Button Up Short-Sleeve Shirt and Long-Sleeve Top

Printed Shirt Printed Shirt Long Sleeve Shirt Long Sleeve Shirt

Perhaps due to their short stay…

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