How to Style a Face Mask Chain

How to Style a Face Mask Chain

You know how we describe some of our more delicate jewelry as everyday pieces we never take off? Well, make some more room in that category, because face mask chains are here to stay. At first, we saw plenty of people expertly utilizing their sunglasses chains by clipping the ends onto the ear straps of their face masks, so that their coverings are always in reach instead of tucked away in a waist bag. But now some of our favorite fashion brands, and countless Etsy sellers, are rolling out functional chains specifically meant to hang down from your mask — and also coordinate with the rest of your outfit.

You can either go to the kitschy, camp route, and opt for one with beads — I jazzed mine up with my name — or you can keep things chic with gold chainlink, pearls, or marble designs. Influencers are even incorporating these into their stylish #OOTDs, populating our feed with…

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