Wolk Morais Socially Distanced Fashion Film “Driven”


When the pandemic threw the very concept of traditional runways shows into chaos, one LA duo was well-positioned to confront the challenge. In 2019, Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Wolk Morais opted to shoot a short, conceptual film instead of doing an in-person presentation for their brand’s eighth collection. And amid COVID-19, video seemed like a perfect medium to amplify their latest creations, too. “Driven” launched during New York Fashion Week, and the designers say it serves as “time capsule” of LA in one of its most vulnerable moments. The duo had to get creative as they shot the film this Summer, enlisting a cast of artists, musicians, and actors as their stars, and figuring out how to style, shoot, and edit while following LA’s social distancing guidelines.

“Fashion can adapt and do something of the moment,” Morais told POPSUGAR. ‘When we were allowed to hike after the…

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