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Tales of female friendships don’t come more heartbreakingly real than the 2006 anime series Nana. At its core is the instant bond between two 20-year-old girls who share the same name but couldn’t be more different – from their taste in men to the way they dress. Nana Komatsu, otherwise known as “Hachi,” is a typical girly girl who falls easily and madly in love. Her closet is full of hyper-feminine dresses that are a teen magazine editorial come to life. Nana Osaki, meanwhile, is a seemingly tough-as-nails punk rocker whose love for leather jackets and studded collars hides a streak of vulnerability a mile wide. From their first fateful encounter on a Tokyo-bound train, the two Nanas’ friendship is as unlikely as it’s golden, threatened only by the encroachment of the glittering rock world and the darkening of their love lives.

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