Fossil Laptop Backpack Review | POPSUGAR Fashion


There is no meeting, but if I were setting the scene for a work call via Google Hangouts, I might lay this bag in the background so people know I mean business.

Stay-at-home orders haven’t changed my workday routine much — I’ve been a copy editor at POPSUGAR from home for the better part of three years now. But, our new normal has given my coworkers a chance to forget the clunky grey vinyl backpack I used to lug into the office, and for that I am grateful. (My old backpack had big “meet your intern” energy, so not the energy I’m going for.)

But now, I have the Fossil Tess Laptop Backpack in Brown ($298), which is simply the nicest bag I’ve ever owned. Albeit expensive, it’s Fossil, so the quality is so high it could feasibly last forever. That might make it the perfect backpack, actually. While you sit with that, here are all the bells and whistles almost $300 can buy: an…

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