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The YS Beauty Lab

SONREVE is a relatively new Korean skin care brand that I came across not too long ago. I’m a sucker for aesthetic skin care, even more so if it’s clean, cruelty-free and natural. Serious about sustainability and the environment, SONREVE releases all of its products in toxin-free, FSC-approved packaging that is printed with soy ink to lessen the use of harmful chemicals.

Taking inspiration from the French words “son rêve,” meaning his/her dream, SONREVE uses only EWG-graded ingredients to cater to those with delicate skin. Since children and mothers-to-be are part of the brand’s target audience, their products are definitely sensitive-skin-friendly.

The products I’m reviewing this time all primarily contain sea buckthorn extracts. Known for its multi-purpose nature, this ingredient is rich in antioxidants and contains high…

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