Instagram Dog Influencer Boobie Billie’s Collection of Bags


Ah, my little Boobie Billie. The adorable six-pound Italian greyhound-chihuahua mix, also known as BB to her followers, has entered our lives and filled it with one fashionable outfit after another. Now, the fashionable pup has come out with her own collection of mini bags! With an adorable wardrobe filled with fashion-girl favorite handbags from the likes of By Far, Chanel, and Susan Alexandra, it only made sense that her own collection of bags and head scarfs would come next.

Enter Boobie’s World. The brand features two main products for any fashion lover: a tiny handbag and silk headscarf. Both of the pieces are available in four styles – Cow Cow, Pickled Zebra, Boobie’s Tooth, and Butter. They’re as fabulous as they sound. “I wanted to make a place where everyone can feel like the gorgina angel bb they are! Where lilac is a neutral and chartreuse is everyone’s power color….

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