Everything We Want from the Reebok x Wonder Woman Collection!


As the 90s are making its way back into our closets… FILA anyone? The 80s are calling too. At least this is the case with the latest Reebok x Wonder Woman collection! In a promotional campaign to tease the upcoming launch of Wonder Woman: 1984, we are in for a treat!

If you happen to be a fan of either Wonder Woman or Rebook, you will be! Also? If sneakers have become your best friend, then you will have a few fun and bold options to play in! 

“Being a hero means that you sacrifice something for the greater good.”

Reebok x Wonder Woman Collection

But this campaign is not all glitz and glam. This campaign is emotional. One that touched me and had me boohooing like a baby. Reebok chose to celebrate and honor “real-life superheroes of our time: COVID-19 healthcare professionals. Six real life wonder women.”

This video shares the stories of these 6 women who have been braving Covid, risking their lives, all while…

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